Exclusive wall finish in leather.

Until recently, leather on the wall was a relatively unknown application for a luxury wall finishing. Today a wall covered with leather is the ultimate eye-catcher for the interior. Especially when you are looking for an exclusive, chic and at the same time sturdy look for your home or your work environment. A leather wall has a very special and unique character. When we cover a wall with leather, it will generally be done by means of leather tiles attached to the wall. There are several ways of finishing. With the “thicker” leathers – such as Tundra – we tightly join the tiles. The softer leathers – such as suede – are stretched on a panel. They both have a very characteristic appearance. The leather can also be enhanced with decorative stitching or an imprint of, for example, a Kaiman or Cobra pattern.

Fascinated by a leather wall!

It is a worthwhile challenge for designers, architects and interior decorators to work with Alphenberg in order to achieve the optimal design in which color and choice of materials are decisive. The personal expression of the client is obviously very important. Alphenberg has a lot of experience collaborating with designers. Famous architects, designers and leather specialists from both home and abroad have already opted for a cooperation with Alphenberg.

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