Fireplaces With leather

Above the fire we find the mantelpiece, the classic support for a painted chimney piece, a mirror or a family portrait. But let’s think out-of-the-box and imagine what that same fireplace would look like with a leather covering, possibly fitted with made-to-measure fireplace furniture with a small library, a TV screen and space to stack some firewood. Tailor-made furniture with a unique look that is custom-built for your interior.electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

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The center of a room

An interior design requires careful attention around such a fireplace, particularly because that’s where the social functions take place. This makes the fireplace an eye-catcher, not only with regard to the fire or the illusion of fire, but even more as a defining element in the interior. What kind of leather covered fireplace fits best in your interior, can be quite difficult to decide given the various options. Let one of our specialists advise you. Feel free to call or email for an appointment to see the possibilities and discuss them with us.

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