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Welcome to Anders FAQ section. Here you will some of the most common questions and answers. 

Enzo Pellini panels can be installed by anyone using an adhesive kit. They can be easily fixed. If you have a cutter, the panels can easily be cut to size.

The panel has a height of 2.40m and a width of 0.60m.

The surface of a panel is 1.44 m2

The panels have a thickness of 19 mm.

A panel weighs approximately 5 kg.

In some cases, you only need an adhesive kit. If you need to cut panels or cut out an outlet, make sure you have the following materials on hand:

– cutter
– scissors
– cutting board
– ruler

The panels can be easily cleaned with a broom or vacuumed. If stains form on the panels, they can be wiped with a dry cloth.

The panels are created on the mother / father principle, as follows:
The panel always starts with a black strip (base layer) and always ends with an overlapping strip (top layer) so that the second panel connects seamlessly to the first.

We do not recommend using the panels in a wet room. If the material comes into contact with moisture for a period of time, it will absorb the moisture, which will cause the material to bend.

Yes, the panels have up to 70% damping.
Corrugated panels – – – > Acoustic value aw: (ISO 11654) = 0.55 (MH) / (NRC): SAA (ASTM – C423) = 0.70
Hexagonal panels – – – > Acoustic value aw: (ISO 11654) = 0.35 (MH) / (NRC): SAA (ASTM – C423) = 0.60
How many panels can be glued with an adhesive kit?
You can glue two panels together with an adhesive kit.

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